All good intentions aside

Well it has now been over a week since my return to reality from my Bali holiday.  That first tentative step onto the scales wasn’t as bad as expected. After a week of fairly healthy eating, I did relax with the occasional pastry or a cocktail or two but fortunately plenty of walking and swimming meant that upon my return, I had only gained 1kg. 

Having lost 3kgs before going on holiday, I wasn’t too fussed. Still full of holiday hype, I walked during my lunch breaks and ate carefully and lost that 1kg after a week. THEN CAME THE WEEKEND!!!

We were invited to dinner by some friends which ended up being nibbles, then soup, then a roast dinner followed by cream cakes and the wine didn’t stop flowing. The next day was one of my daughter’s birthday so we put on a lunch of cheeses and meats and other nibbles followed by cheesecake. 

On Monday, the scales were not so kind to me. I now find myself facing the challenge of losing 2.5kgs!!!!!

It’s cold, the holiday spirit has left me and I have to hope for nice weather in my lunch break to walk because the quick nip up the street with the dogs in my scarf and gloves before work just isn’t going to cut it.

I will keep you updated. 

At least the dogs are coping fine with the cool change.


Well I have five more days to go until my glorious holiday in Bali is over. I was doing well with the diet until I discovered the French Bakery on our little island.
Gili Air is a great place to holiday, away from all the hustle and bustle of the mainland. The only traffic are the local horse and cart (ciboto) and the occasional pushbike. I have done a lot of walking, swimming, snorkelling and even downloaded a yoga app on my phone and have given that a try.

Our first hotel on the mainland had a set of bathroom scales and I was checking regularly and was quite pleased with the results. We were eating breakfast, skipping lunch then eating healthy meals for dinner. Lots of walking and swimming in the pool, I felt like this was going to be the boost I needed in my weight loss journey.

There are no scales here on the island and I have predominantly eaten healthy, but there has been the occasional dessert with dinner and a cocktail or two (after all I am on holiday 😁) and as I said, lots of exercise but I walk past the bakery all the time and my couple of visits there have not only blown my low carbs resolve but my diet altogether. Oh well, hopefully the damage isn’t too great. We will see.

Holiday weight gain here I come

Two more sleeps and one more day at work and I will be soaking up the sun in Bali. I have been frantically dieting for the last two weeks because even with the best of intentions, I always put on weight on holidays so I want the damage to hopefully just bring me back to where I was two weeks ago.

I will be eating healthy and swimming and walking but it is a holiday so there will be copious amounts of alcohol, especially evening cocktails and wine with dinner and lemon Bintangs by the pool.

I have weighed in at 73.6kgs the last two mornings (I was 76kgs when I started the low carbs just over a month ago) so it will be interesting to see the result of two weeks overseas.

I will keep you posted.

Dieting when depressed

I used to be an artist, Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and so many ideas and such enthusiasm: but I don’t exactly live in an area where people are going to spend money on art. They’re more likely to be wondering how to get booze and fags with the essentials card. So I work for a living instead if trying to pay the bills with dreams.

What has this to do with weight loss? Well, I was reading a scientific article about depression and weight gain and it went into great detail about hormones and dopamine and all of these other fascinating reasons that depressed or stressed people can gain weight, but never mentioned the basically obvious.

When you are feeling low you get that what the heck feeling. I’m not losing weight so what the heck I might as well have some chocolate. I hate myself and/or my life anyway so what the heck, why not have a couple of wines and some comfort food.

Have I got a miraculous cure for this or some Psychofancy lecture – NO!  Eat that chocolate bar, donut, hamburger – whatever makes you feel good at the time. Don’t feel guilty or stress about it because you know what, tomorrow’s a whole new day with maybe a whole new outlook.

Life for most of us isn’t perfect and we have a right to be angry about it or sorry for ourselves and have a moment of weakness. Hopefully though, that determination that started us dieting in the first place, will kick in again and we will pick up where we left off and try again.




Don’t you just hate it when you are steadily losing weight and all of a sudden you find yourself at a standstill. That’s where I am at the moment.

It always seems to happen just before kicking over  to the next number bracket. You go down from 76kg to 75.5kg then 75.4 and 75.3 then jump up again to 75.5, maybe even getting to 75.2kg: but you just can’t get over that hurdle to hit the 74.9kg marker that has you heading down to a new number range. I am now hovering up and down between 74.5kg and 74.2kg but not getting over that line.

Today I had a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs (no carbs) and decided to skip lunch to shock my metabolism a bit. I have been reading a blog by Coach Hami and he says this works.

Then I cooked steak and vegetables for dinner (no potato) and stewed pears for dessert. Very similar to my body shape actually.
It will be interesting to see what the scales say tomorrow.

Diet Destroying Weekend

FB_IMG_1462611571763It just takes one weekend to destroy a week’s worth of dieting and this weekend was it for me.

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant yesterday with a friend while hubby was at the football and today – the Mediaeval Fair.

IMAG0058.jpgWe always go with my eldest daughter and she and I always wear our long gowns and cloaks and hubby has a Viking outfit that we keep adding to. First stop of the day is always the venison pie stall where we grab a few pies before they sell out. Then we grab either a warm Mead or a mulled wine and that is breakfast. It is downhill diet wise from there on in as we taste different Mead’s, smoked meats, corn on the cob – the amount of walking  we do around the many stalls may counteract some of the calories but certainly not all.

Take away Friday

Finally made it to Friday. While it is the gateway to the weekend, it does come with it’s own dilemmas. Hubby decided to do some grocery shopping after work so we didn’t have to waste our  precious weekend doing it, and I promised to bring home take away for dinner.

But when you are on a low carb diet what can you pick up? Indian food was out as we are avoiding rice. This also means that a lot of Asian dishes are out. Can’t eat pizza, pasta or burgers!! In the end I settled on chicken, peas, carrots, gravy and went for chips rather than roast potatoes thinking we would just get a handful each. WRONG! They were very generous with the chips to the point where we were piling them onto another plate so we could find the rest of the food.

Having congradulated myself on nearly reaching another milestone in my weight loss journey, I hope I haven’t blown it with one meal. I did leave most of the chips. I have been reading AskCoachHami’s blog as he journeys towards the same weight loss goal that I have and he recommends a couple of days of fasting – I might need a week.

How does everyone else cope with eating out or takeaway?