Some  of you may remember my endeavours to have a vegetable garden in an old bathtub in the backyard. Encouraged by the success of this, I now have pots and containers where ever I can find space (We have a small yard consisting mainly of an above ground pool) all with different vegetable plants and all flourishing. I have made a bit of a boo boo though.

On two separate visits to the garden centre, I purchased a couple of punnets of beetroot plants and now have a rather abundant supply growing.

So what I want to know is – does anyone out there  have some great beetroot recipes???


Dog’s booty and instant weight loss

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It has been a week of discoveries this week.  First I learnt that there is not only such a thing as doggie dementia, but that my 14 year old Australian terrier has it. Symptoms include, not making it to the toilet on time, staring off into space and barking at nothing (usually at 3.00am or 7.00pm).  The vet assures me it isn’t unusual in an old dog, they get it just as humans do, that she is quite well otherwise and has given us some tablets to help out.  Not sure if they are doggy anti-psychotics or what they are, but as the natural doggy calming formula is doing nothing, I’m happy to try anything for the poor girl.

The second thing I learnt was that my daughter has started a Facebook Page entitled “Things my mother says!” and that it has become quite popular.  It consists of things that come out of my mouth in conversations (both seriously and tongue in cheek) with said daughter.  Some examples are: “You’ll never find a job lying in bed unless you become a mattress tester, Yes you can drink wine on a diet as it has sugar and not fat and it’s fat I’m trying to avoid and my favourite, “Are you harrassing that little dog’s bootie again???”  The last one comes from my daughter’s insistence on sneaking up on our little highly strung Tenterfield Terrier (not the one with dementia) and patting him on the bum and watching him jump.

So last night, the dementia dog was carrying on about nothing and I yelled out, ” Take it to the union because management doesn’t care!” A good indicator of the state of things at work at the moment. Anyway, my daughter announced to me this morning that she put that one on her page and it was quite a hit. My three seconds of fame!

People who don’t know me are surprised to find that I have braces at my age (mature is all you need to know) and wonder if it’s some sort of mid life crisis and the search for the perfect smile. NO! I had braces as a kid and it isn’t something I wanted to revisit ever. Unfortunately I have breathing difficulties that need not only the braces to rectify but also future jaw surgery. Surgery which I gather will have me looking like a chipmunk, feeding from a syringe and feeling like crap. I must admit after reading the rather depressing pamphlet, to eagerly highlighting the part that said most patients can expect to lose from 5 – 7kgs. I struggle for two weeks to lose 1kg and can gain 2kgs just on the weekend! Will this be the simple path to slimsville? Probably not but I will keep you updated on my journey.

Monday Monday

I am just not a Monday person. I know that most people feel that way but I seem to always arrive at  Monday totally unprepared.

I think about getting my clothes for work laid out Sunday night, my lunch packed, everything ready to start Monday on the right foot.

Instead, I always wake up wondering what to wear, roll over and sleep for an extra 15 minutes that I can’t really afford, and  find myself rushing out the door disheveled and late.

I think that somewhere deep inside of me I am hoping that it’s all been a bad mistake and it’s not really Monday and I don’t actually have to go work.

Yesterday’s Monday was worse than normal. I started the day off with a sore knee, my usually baggy jeans were tight and uncomfortable and my hair refused to look brushed. No idea why I was so bloated as diet hasn’t been great but also hasn’t been that bad.

Then as I sat at work I felt the oncoming if the sore scratchy throat thing that is plaguing the building at the moment – just what I needed.

Not to be defeated by Monday,  I set off in my lunch break vowing to at least get a haircut, over estimated the size of a puddle I was traversing and hurt my knee even more.

 I staggered valiantly to the shops, got my hair trimmed by a young girl who acted as though I was asking too much of her on a Monday and put as little effort into the task as was humanly possible. 

I then limped back to work where I was confronted with an angry client smashing the television in the waiting room with a chair.

Hello Monday!

Veggies in the bathtub


Isn’t it funny how three weeks after a holiday and back at work and back to the cold and wet, that some days it seems like only yesterday I was walking on a sunny beach in Bali and other days it feels like it was months ago.

Despite the fear of a huge weight gain whilst away, I managed to only put on 1kg (most of which was probably alcohol lol) so it was back to reality and calorie counting and low carbs.  I am now sitting back where I was before going on holidays with the desire to lose a further 3-4kgs.

As I have mentioned before, my exercise regime in winter tends to consist of nothing more than dragging myself and two dogs around the block in my crappy neighborhood and perhaps a half hour walk during my lunch break if it isn’t raining. So a healthy eating plan is of utmost importance if I’m hoping to shed these unwanted kilos by this summer.

With this in mind, I have planted a vegetable garden.  We used to have a huge ash tree in the back yard which allowed no sunlight to hit the garden whatsoever.  We had it removed before going on holiday and I dragged the old bathtub out of the shed and planted a vegetable garden in it.IMAG0065

I entrusted my youngest with the task of keeping it alive for the two weeks we were away and it now looks like this.


Looking forward to our first harvest.

All good intentions aside

Well it has now been over a week since my return to reality from my Bali holiday.  That first tentative step onto the scales wasn’t as bad as expected. After a week of fairly healthy eating, I did relax with the occasional pastry or a cocktail or two but fortunately plenty of walking and swimming meant that upon my return, I had only gained 1kg. 

Having lost 3kgs before going on holiday, I wasn’t too fussed. Still full of holiday hype, I walked during my lunch breaks and ate carefully and lost that 1kg after a week. THEN CAME THE WEEKEND!!!

We were invited to dinner by some friends which ended up being nibbles, then soup, then a roast dinner followed by cream cakes and the wine didn’t stop flowing. The next day was one of my daughter’s birthday so we put on a lunch of cheeses and meats and other nibbles followed by cheesecake. 

On Monday, the scales were not so kind to me. I now find myself facing the challenge of losing 2.5kgs!!!!!

It’s cold, the holiday spirit has left me and I have to hope for nice weather in my lunch break to walk because the quick nip up the street with the dogs in my scarf and gloves before work just isn’t going to cut it.

I will keep you updated. 

At least the dogs are coping fine with the cool change.


Well I have five more days to go until my glorious holiday in Bali is over. I was doing well with the diet until I discovered the French Bakery on our little island.
Gili Air is a great place to holiday, away from all the hustle and bustle of the mainland. The only traffic are the local horse and cart (ciboto) and the occasional pushbike. I have done a lot of walking, swimming, snorkelling and even downloaded a yoga app on my phone and have given that a try.

Our first hotel on the mainland had a set of bathroom scales and I was checking regularly and was quite pleased with the results. We were eating breakfast, skipping lunch then eating healthy meals for dinner. Lots of walking and swimming in the pool, I felt like this was going to be the boost I needed in my weight loss journey.

There are no scales here on the island and I have predominantly eaten healthy, but there has been the occasional dessert with dinner and a cocktail or two (after all I am on holiday 😁) and as I said, lots of exercise but I walk past the bakery all the time and my couple of visits there have not only blown my low carbs resolve but my diet altogether. Oh well, hopefully the damage isn’t too great. We will see.

Holiday weight gain here I come

Two more sleeps and one more day at work and I will be soaking up the sun in Bali. I have been frantically dieting for the last two weeks because even with the best of intentions, I always put on weight on holidays so I want the damage to hopefully just bring me back to where I was two weeks ago.

I will be eating healthy and swimming and walking but it is a holiday so there will be copious amounts of alcohol, especially evening cocktails and wine with dinner and lemon Bintangs by the pool.

I have weighed in at 73.6kgs the last two mornings (I was 76kgs when I started the low carbs just over a month ago) so it will be interesting to see the result of two weeks overseas.

I will keep you posted.